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Ohio State Buckeyes sprinter Terry Johnson training in Kansas City at TopSpeed
Dexter McDonald leaps over 40 inches at the Kansas Jayhawks NFL Pro Day
About Us

TopSpeed Strength & Conditioning is a private sports performance training facility and physical therapy center located at 13550 West 108th Street in Lenexa, KS. It is one of only a handful of private facilities in America to have research-grade tools such as the 1080 Sprint testing device available for use with athletes. The staff uses a biofeedback to guide programming and a non-traditional power-based methodology designed purely to help individuals significantly improve their athletic ability and fitness levels. Workouts are hard, designed to push individuals to and beyond their preconceived limits.

We are also proud to have Physical Therapy services, Sports Stretch and Massage therapy, Mindset Conditioning/Sports Psychology on-site along with re-introducing our weekly Youth Athlete Training Class. Click the links below to access those services.

A college football player does speed training at TopSpeed prior to camp with the Kansas City Chiefs
Contact Us

Facility Location (hours by appointment only):
13550 West 108th Lenexa, KS 66215

Email (this is the preferred method of contact):

Voicemail (this line does not receive text messages): 913-489-7059


To schedule an appointment click the link here 

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